American Pool Tables? That’s right, I said American

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Pockets like buckets, some say.  So long that a fine mist obscures the far end of the table, some say.  Some pool players – the English mostly – complain when you head to the pool halls and pick from the cue rack a cumbersome, thick shafted, enormously tipped monstrosity that is an American pool cue.

‘Oh, no’ they say, ‘we’re playing ...American pool?’

‘I thought’ you rejoin, taking pains to chalk the substantial tip, ‘that we might engage in a game of American pocket billiards.’

Used to the quaint, green baize of the smaller English pool tables, your friends will of course be intimidated by the vastness and grandeur that American pool tables display; monolithic slate slabs.  But be careful not to succumb yourself; used to the quaint green baize of the English pool table your brow might furrow in apprehension as you prepare to break that opening rack, squinting as your eyes adjust to the distances involved.

All too often however, dowsing the fiery embers of pool players across the UK, the American pool tables in pool halls aren’t up to ‘scratch’ (a small American pool joke) - as they say in America, ‘there ain’t nuthin’ much worse than a poor slab o’ slate’.

Selling American pool tables for home installation, Pool Tables Online are a company who specialise in tables fit for professional use.

Included in the range of American pool tables from Pool Tables Online, the Buffalo Eliminator II American pool tables are some of the best around.  With their sleek, almost domineering appearance in part due to the black finish and electric blue cloth they fashion, these American pool tables feature a precision diamond honed quality slate bed, providing you with an unparalleled billiard experience – solid, smooth and sensual.

To check out the full range of American pool tables available from Pool Tables Online, visit their website.  American pool tables from Pool Tables Online – enjoy it, y’hear?

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American Pool Tables? That’s right, I said American

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American Pool Tables? That’s right, I said American

This article was published on 2012/05/22