Automatic Pool Cleaners for Residential Pools

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Are you interested in a salt system? How about one that cleans your pool and chlorinates your pool without any installation?

A brand new technology developed by Aquatron!!!


Introducing The C.O.B.I.A (Chlorine on Board Integrated Automation) Robotic Pool Cleaner. Basically the cobia is an engineered and most advanced model of the Aquabot Pool Cleaner with a salt chlorinator on board. Sound simple? Well I don't know if it is so simple but it is brilliant.

The brilliant idea was developed for over 4 years, by Aquatron's engineers.


This is the world's first chlorine generator robotic pool cleaner. Completely independent from the pool's filtration system, the Cobia works without hoses, booster pumps or suction lines. The cobia would clean and chlorinate your pool at the same time. By automatically chlorinating the water Aquabot Cobia keeps the chlorine level from bottoming down to 0 levels and would also prevent having huge spikes of chlorine levels in your pool. This means safer cleaner pool for you and your swimmers, all done automatically! Using a heavy duty electrolytic cell, cobia will produce chlorine "on site" from low levels of salt present in your pool (very low level of salt) it is safe, and would lead to cleaner and softer pool water for you and your swimmers. The Cobia's power supply controls the chlorination and cleaning with one user interface. The led display and indicator lights let you know the robot's chlorination and cleaning status at all time. The power supply has a build in timer so it can turn itself on automatically every day. Its modern design is engineered for outdoor environments and is completely weatherproof.

You may ask yourself why not use just a conventional "in line" chlorinator? Well I'll answer: a conventional inline chlorinator requires you to run your pump, filter and chlorinator, all at the same time. This is expensive, but with Cobia when your pool needs chlorine it can be delivered without your pool pump and filtration system. Cobia needs only a small amount of electricity to run, typically costing only pennies per hour. Compare that to a 110 volts pool pump and filter system drawing up to 20amps of electricity.

Cobia was designed and engineered from the start to save you money!

Conventional chlorinators require the water levels to be up to the skimmer, otherwise you may lose prime. If your pool loses prime you won't have any chlorine generated for your pool. However Cobia is completely independent of your pool's filtration system, it will generate chlorine as needed, automatically. As Cobia moves throughout the pool it evenly distributes chlorine in the water. Making your chemicals work more efficiently. A conventional chlorinator just blows out the returns, and it needs your entire pool filtration system to be running. The bottom line cobia allows you to clean and chlorinate your pool at the same time.



It saves you money and time! And does all this automatically!!! Cobia has a powerful pump motor located in the robot just inches from the flour of the pool.

Cobia was designed to perform better and more efficiently then any other pool cleaner !!!
Actually it is a new class of pool cleaners.

Easy explanation:

H2O + Salt + COBIA = Sparkling clear pool with naturally chlorinated water

Advantages and Benefits:

  • Totally independent from the pool filter or pressure line
  • No hoses or connections
  • Reduces energy and chemical costs by approximately 50% (see calculator)
  • Easy to remove 2 micron filter bag collects sand, silt, or leaves
  • Saves energy costs reducing use of pump and filter
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Keeps pool water softer, cleaner, and fully sanitized all at the touch of a button
  • Operates on a low salt level (3,000 ppm) which is less than a human tear
  • No more storing and transporting extra sanitizing chemicals. No more damaged hair, red eyes, irritated skin, and color faded bathing suits.

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Automatic Pool Cleaners for Residential Pools

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This article was published on 2010/11/30