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The idea of installing backyard swimming pools is rather attractive to most people and with good reason. A backyard pool can provide not only the ability to cool off in the summer, but also a great backyard activity for guests during cookouts or even family get-togethers. The problem however is that having a pool installed can oftentimes be rather expensive and with that being the case, it would probably be a good idea for you to start looking for your own above ground pool, and as luck would have it, we can present you with a method by which you would install:


1.   First of all you need to select your pool, and this will oftentimes be governed by your budget. Most backyard swimming pools are approximately 12 feet in diameter and 40 inches deep, and they are generally supported by metal posts. There are other shapes of course, one of which is an oval. This will provide more space, but the setup will be complicated.

2.   Once you have selected your pool it will be time for you to level the area! The area for the pool does not HAVE to be completely flat, but it should be reasonably well leveled and you will want to ensure that there are no sharp objects or rocks in the area. Always level an area larger than the pool, and make sure there are no tears in the liner.

3.   Strip the area of grass and cover it with builder's sand. Smooth out the area with a 2x4 and pack the sand by watering it with a sprinkler.

4.   Now would be a great time for you to set up the side walls, and once you have done so you can attach the liner inside the walls. The liner will need to hang over the wall about two to three inches and you can secure it to the top using clothespins until you are ready to attach the top rail. Make sure you remove any slack or wrinkles from the walls now as you will have a hard time doing it later.

5.   Following the instructions that came with your pool, you will need to stand the support posts up and place them on the plastic base plates. The top rail can easily be attached through a seamed tube in the top of the liner, and this rail will serve to both keep the pool intact as well as to keep your liner secured.

6.   Spread the liner across the pool bottom and proceed to level it out. Once you do this, you can proceed to fill the pool with approximately three inches of water and determine whether or not it is uneven. If there are any uneven spots you can easily fix them at this point. Note that the bottom of the pool may not stay entirely even throughout its life as it will be sitting on sand. This is something that you will simply need to accept.

7.   Proceed to fill your backyard pool and make sure you install hoses as the installation proceeds.


Once you have finished all of this, you will be ready to assemble the ladder and jump into your pool! It might seem like quite a bit of work to assemble backyard swimming pools, but on those hot summer days you will undoubtedly be glad that you spent the time and energy. Let's go for a swim!


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Backyard Swimming Pools

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This article was published on 2011/04/12