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The number of the pools that are constructed in the houses have increased enormously in the recent years.  Especially the trend is seen to reach great heights in the countries of Canada, United States of America and New Zealand. Pools are constructed at both the private and public level and provide an energetic form of recreation in the summers. Many people who can afford to maintain a swimming pool have constructed them in their basements and backyards. The construction of different pools varies from each other and different materials are employed in their construction. These materials include concrete, wood or the steel. The construction material is than lined by the polyvinyl chloride or the fiberglass as per the choice of the owner.

Concrete pools are the most commonly used form of the pools, they are well known for their durability and strength. In many of the cases the concrete shell is about eight inches in thickness. However many people would like it to be stronger than this one and may get a two feet thick concrete layer. The greater the thickness of the concrete the greater will be the strength of the pool. These concrete shells are provided with the hydrostatic valves that prevent the pool from floating. Wood construction is also similar to the concrete construction in which a similar shell of the pressurized wood is used. This form of the pool is cheaper than the concrete pool but is also less durable. Next most common type of the construction is the pool made up of the steel. Steel is an alloy that is made up of iron and another metal such as zinc, copper or brass. These materials are added to the steel to make it more resistant to the corrosion. Iron is a very reactive material that easily corrodes in the presence of moisture and the air to form rust. Steel may be galvanized or painted to make it. The shell is provided with a drainage system to allow drainage and cleaning of the pools. All the system must be fit properly for the proper working of the swimming pool.

Once the shell is formed, it is lined by some other material. The pools that are lined by the polyvinyl chloride are known as vinyl liner pools. Polyvinyl chloride is a long chain polymer that is formed from the hydrocarbons which are derived from the natural organic fuels. It is thermoplastic in nature which means that when it is subjected to heat it will melt very quickly. Therefore in order to make it more useful chlorine and the other materials have been added to it to improve the strength. This PVC coat makes a waterproof lining on the underlying material.

The pools are very easy to construct now adays because of a large number of new materials and techniques that have been devised. Even it has become very much possible to get a concrete pool installed in your house in just one week's time. Especially with the cheaper and more durable lining product kits like that of fiberglass and the polyvinyl chloride, the process has become easier.

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Construction Of Pools

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This article was published on 2011/05/13