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Hayward pool cleaners offer high quality pool cleaning for both above ground and in ground swimming pools. Hayward pool cleaners are designed to provide total hassle free pool maintenance with only minimal involvement on your part. Moreover, they prove to be more cost effective than hiring a pool cleaning service.

Popular Hayward Pool Cleaners

Here are some of the best and most popular Hayward pool cleaners available today.

Phantom Total Pressure Pool Cleaner: This pool cleaner can effectively clean out the swimming pool walls, steps and the bottom. It will also automatically rise up to the surface to skim away any surface debris. When it operates in the auto mode, the Phantom cleans out the sides and bottom for about 13 minutes and then rises up to the pool's surface to skim it and clean the steps for about 7 minutes, after which it dives down and repeats the cycle till the pool is clean. This model features the patented AquaDrive water jet propulsion system, which can be programmed for better coverage of the pool. The process does not harm the pool, unlike the power driven wheels of other cleaners. It features a larger suction inlet and three high pressure water jets. It is best suited for vinyl, tile, gunite and fiber glass in ground pools. All these features provide for ultimate cleaning pool cleaning action.

Pool Vac Ultra: The Pool Vac Ultra is a very effective pool cleaner and works for both above ground and in ground pools, and is also quite affordable. It features long wearing components that ensure a longer life. The AquaPilot feature enables you to program the steering pattern, thus ensuring complete pool coverage. The turbine and gearing system employs the latest technology, enabling constantly balanced water flow, thus ensuring that the device operates noiselessly. It also features wide side wings, which help to increase pool coverage speed by about 10 percent. It is designed with only one moving part, thus ensuring low maintenance and better performance. Whatever the shape of your pool, the Pool Vac Ultra will take care of all the dirt and debris, leaving your pool crystal clear. These pool cleaners are easy to install, so no worries in that department as well.

Hayward Navigator: This model features the SmartDrive programmable technology, which provides quick movement to the pool cleaner. This also facilitates the cleaner to take a series of turns, depending on the water flow, enabling it to effectively clean out the pool walls and the floor. This pool cleaner is actually quite suitable for those areas that face strong winds, as it can efficiently pick up debris such as pollen grains, sand, twigs and leaves. Its injection molded plastic parts are quite durable. It also features wings, flaps and shoes which reduce maintenance costs.

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Hayward Pool Cleaners

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