How to Outsource Your Boss

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In a flat, dry lakebed of an economic Earth, the wide-open hardpan covered with 3rd-world countries and laughably inefficient communist markets, Americans once had their own above-ground pool. And the water was warm. The pool was filled with money, lapping at our chests as we splashed each other with Christmas bonuses and paid vacations. The talent pool was big enough that everybody on the block could swim, and anyone from another country had to get through immigration before they could climb in.

This talent-pool was sealed by geography; nobody was going to drive their Hyundai to work at your office from another continent. The ribbed plastic walls of this above-ground employment pool rose high, like the aqua-blue plastic ring your cousin in Michigan staked up in his back yard over the summer.

Standing around in their bathing suits, Workers from India and China stood around watching us with lean, wide eyes. All that money, all that commerce and employment looked like a fine way to spend a summer afternoon. They waited, patient and dry.

The internet came. No longer did a draftsman share plans by rolling them out over a coworkers desk. Email meant you could sign contracts instantly from thousands of miles away. Finished Work could pass from a downstairs office in Bangladesh to the boss in New York, in less time than it had once taken a mail boy to run upstairs. Every communication advance pierced a hole in that pool.

All that water is draining out of our pool, geysering out of the United States onto dry land. American workers stand in the pool, watching the water that once warmed their whole body drain past their bellies. We look at each other, wondering how much fun anyone is going to have when we all stand in an ankle-deep lake.

Big companies figured something out about you a long time ago. There is always somebody who will do your job, cheaper, if they look around the web.

But what if you looked at your BOSS, as your EMPLOYEE.

Don't you pay him your time, your effort, in return for his money? If you work like most Americans, aren't you paying him literally MOST OF THE WAKING HOURS OF YOUR LIFE? And how much are you getting paid for your very life itself?

What if you outsourced your boss?

If you have an idea, or product, that you would like to share with the world - you just need to look around the web for customers. Those customers can be your new bosses, and you can find them anywhere in the world. A website can cost you less than an hour of your time to get started? $9.95/mo, with your own "Buy Now" button? You may be surprised at how easily you can do this yourself.

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How to Outsource Your Boss

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This article was published on 2010/04/04