Meucci Cue Secrets Revealed

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The Meucci factory has been selling these pool tools all over the world since the 1970s. It's a fact that having a high-quality pool cue can make a huge difference in the quality and level of your pool play over time.

But what makes a Meucci pool stick so special?

One type of pool cue which is very popular is the Meucci pool cue, named after Bob Meucci who practically invented modern pool cue construction, design, and manufacture

The Meucci line of pool cues play with a softer, consistent hit that minimizes cue ball deflection. Actually, these pool cues are designed with one thing in mind: to give you, the pool player, more power with less effort.

Here are some basic features of the Meucci cue:

Meucci uses the hi-tech "Myth Destroyer" testing robot to craft more flexible shafts and butts that reduce the ball deflection.

The joint and ferrule were originally created to give maximum performance with minimum effort.

The butt splice was designed to boost the stroke intensity and reduce warpage.

The Meucci cue has a soft and flexible ferrule resistant to cracking, chalk and was designed to reduce cue ball deflection. It is also more semitransparent than other ferrules and has a fairly lower ring when tapped. These features reveal the softer nature of the material used.

The taper of the shaft could not be copied by any other manufacturer.

Meucci cues are also made from the finest woods available from the company's own sawmill.

So, how much does one of these tools cost?

Usually, an intermediate-to-professional Meucci cue may cost anywhere between $100 - $3,000. However, the most expensive sticks don't necessarily give you those extra "playability" benefits than a less expensive pool stick. So, the $300 range cues give you just about the same technical benefits as the higher priced Meucci cue sticks. However, the higher prices reflect the artistic value of the design and the quality and uniqueness of the materials used, such as ivory, rare woods or turquoise.

In the end, it is the quality that makes these cues so sought after. In fact, many players even collect them. This is because they are made so beautifully and have such a history about them

The whole cue is designed with one thing in mind: to give you more power with less effort. It's a fact that these cues deflect the least compared to any other brand on the market, making them the most precise pool tool ever crafted.

Holding a Meucci cue of this quality makes you feel better and play with more confidence. Even if it only improves your game partially, it makes it a lot more fun and in the end this is what it's all about.

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Meucci Cue Secrets Revealed

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This article was published on 2010/11/25