Options Available in Oval Above Ground Pools

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Above ground pools are usually available in three shapes - round, rectangular and oval. An oval shaped above ground pool is the favorite of most pool buyers. If you are planning to buy an oval shaped above ground pool then you have various options available. Some of these options are:

Inflatable Pools

If you want to have a pool that is low cost, easy to install & maintain and portable, you should consider buying an inflatable oval above ground pool. You just have to lay the pool on a flat surface, inflate its ring and fill it up with water. The pool is ready for use. The prices of these pools range between $100 and $1000. The biggest advantage of the inflatable type pool is that you can easily fold and store it after use. 

Metal Frame Pools

These pools are normally made of high quality powder coated aluminum or steel and so are rust free. These pools are also easy to assemble and install though not as easy as inflatable pools. Some of these have easy assembly like pin and snap fit while others may have difficult assembly and may require professional for installation. It may not be possible to disassemble it after every use.

Wooden Frame Pools

You can also opt for wooden frame oval above ground pools. They look beautiful and have steel walls for durability. These can cost you around $2500. These pools have a long life.

Resin Frame Pools

An endless range of resin frame pools is available in the market. Most of them are made using high quality composite material. These pools are rust free and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

You can choose from different kinds of oval above ground pools depending upon the available space, your budget and the portability required. The more important thing is to buy a good pump and filter system irrespective of the type of pool you select. 

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Options Available in Oval Above Ground Pools

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This article was published on 2010/03/26