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A pool in your backyard not only beautifies your property but is an asset too. A lot of investment goes in creating a swimming pool. So in order to properly maintain and increase the longevity of the pool you must use pool cover. There are various types of pool cover available in the market. All of them serve different purpose. But the main objective of any type of pool cover is to reduce the cost of maintenance of the pool and also provide safety to your pool. There are four main types of pool cover namely solar cover, safety cover, winter cover and leaf net.

Solar cover is used during summer season to reduce the cost of heating the pool and it also helps to keep the pool clean by protecting it from dirt and debris. Solar cover reduces evaporation of water from the pool thus saving expenses over gallons of water and costly chemicals too. The cover works by trapping heat from sun and transferring it to the water directly .It raises the temperature of the pool by 10-15 degrees. In this way it increases the usage of the pool from spring to fall. It is light weight and less expensive.

Safety cover is used all throughout the year. It works like a lock over your pool preventing intrusion by children and pets. It is made up of either solid material fabric or mesh material fabric. The cover is made up of good quality material so even when a hole is made in it by a sharp object the hole won't run allowing you some time to patch the hole. Safety top covers are attached to a deck with Velcro straps that pull the cover over the pool. The straps are usually fastened to stainless steel springs which are adjoining to recessed brackets in a deck surface.

Winter cover is used during winter season to prevent leaves, twigs and other kind of debris from falling into the pool. It is made up of durable solid material and protects your pool from harsh winter conditions like snow, ice and wind. It retards the growth of algae in your pool.

Net leaf cover is used along with solar cover and winter cover. It is made up of open weave material. It is put on top of winter cover before the fall to trap and collect all the leaves, twigs and debris. Before the snow begins this cover is removed making removal of winter cover easy during spring.

No matter whether you have an in ground pool or above ground pool a pool cover is a must for proper care of your pool.

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Having the best pool covers is important for the longevity of your pool and keeping it clean. Its also helpful is keeping your swimming pool accessories managed well and in order.

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Pool Covers For Your Pool

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This article was published on 2010/03/27