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More Practical Value than Mere Eye Appeal

Installing a swimming pool in your back yard which is generally where it belongs for the best privacy; although my neighbors have their pool in the front yard, as their home is built mostly on the rear of the property. Having your pool in the back yard is not cast in stone, however, once the pool is installed, it really does need to be cast in stone and this is when brick paver installation for pools has to seriously be considered. There is many more reasons for brick paving installation around the pool, than just for the way that it looks, and when a good job is done, the paving generally lasts longer than the pool itself does.

Brick pavers require minimal care, they are warm, which helps warm the pool and surrounds, it has the ability to shift ever so slightly with no warping or cracking, so is perfect for an unstable landscape or to withstand extreme seasonal weather conditions. It is also not affected by chlorine contamination as the bricks are sealed and treated. More practically it provides secure footing for swimmers, whom often happen to be children, and have a reputation for fooling around, in and out of the swimming pool. The looks of course are important, but in terms of brick paving for pools, the aesthetics may be secondary to the practical aspects of making this choice.

Wooden decking is not terribly practical around a pool area as the timbers tend to rot and require replacement, but for eye appeal timber decking may be combined with a brick surround, this is extremely attractive. Your landscaper, in this instance Landscape Art, can manage your back yard from start to finish, including the construction of the pool, brick paving and all other garden needs.

Landscaping Follow Through

One of the most important tenets of landscaping is symmetry and follow through, this makes brick paving installation for pools idea for consistency of design as they provide a seamless transition from house to patio to paths, garden and pool area. Should you decide to expand the pool surround at some stage, brick paving is easily matched; there are also a large variety of colors, shapes and designs.

Additional Benefits

Continuing with the theme of follow through,brick pavers may also be used to great decorative and practical purpose for built in planters, landscaping walls, patios, outdoor BBQ and kitchen areas. All of these and various other decorative themes, create outdoor entertainment and living space that is neat, clean and most of all beautiful to look at and hard-wearing.

Brick pavers are unlike natural stone in that they are manufactured; yet still allow for a completely natural look. Of course they are manufactured with natural products in completely natural colors, which blend in harmoniously with the flamboyant greenery of tropical palms, or even the most pristine of rose or herb gardens. Brick pavers offer multi-faceted purposes and their installation around pools and other back yard areas, provides for multi-faceted use.
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Landscape Art offers top quality South Florida brick pavers installation services. Fort Lauderdale brick pavers add a healthy amount of value to your South Florida home and they look beautiful to boot!

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South Florida Brick Paver Installation For Pools - A Vacation Home At Home

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This article was published on 2010/12/14