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Zodiac pool cleaners are one of the most effective and reliable pool cleaners available today that operate without any human supervision. You just might dread the thought of cleaning your pool yourself and hire professionals. But have you ever given thought to making pool cleaning easier and less expensive for yourself. With Zodiac pool cleaners, you get sparkling crystal clear pools that are as clean as with a professional service. Moreover, it certainly is more economical when you get your own pool cleaner, and while you are getting a cleaner, it always pays in the long run to purchase a high quality cleaner.

Zodiac Pool Cleaners for Different Types of Pools

The performance of these pool cleaners will vary depending up on the size, depth and shape of your pool. Some pool cleaners are better suited to some types of pools than others.

Cleaning for Above Ground Pools: For cleaning up above ground pools, the Zodiac Zoom and Zodiac Zippy pool cleaners are good options. They are especially suited for pools that are relatively level at the bottom. These Zodiac models get rid of any debris, be it insects, leaves or twigs, from your swimming pool quite efficiently and noiselessly. They can clean up a large pool in about an hour.

Cleaning for Sunken Swimming Pool: Zodiac has an array of automatic pool cleaners for cleaning up sunken pools, such as the Mars HP, Indigo, G3 and G4. If you are looking for a Zodiac pool cleaner with an affordable price tag, the Zodiac Pacer is the best bet.

Technology Used in Zodiac Pool Cleaners

Here are some of the latest Zodiac innovations that are incorporated in all Zodiac pool cleaners.

1. Zodiac pool cleaners incorporate the Vortex Technology, which enables the cleaners to produce constant powerful cyclonic suction during the cleaning cycle. By changing the placement of the pump motor, along with the hydraulic flow, the Vortex technology integrated within the cleaner creates a powerful whirlpool effect inside the filter. The debris is put into suspension, thus preventing the filter from clogging.

2. The Clip and Fix technology enables quick changing of the brush.

3. The ISS (Intelligent Steering System) enables intelligent navigation during cleaning action.

4. The Wide Trax tires provide the pool cleaners with better adherence and exceptional maneuverability.

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Zodiac Pool Cleaners

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